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MIDEMMA mobilises resources from 17 partners from 7 countries, with a good mix of academic partners, independent research institutes and industrial companies and SMEs. IDEKO research centre is the project leader. All the partners are fully committed with the development of reliable and competitive micro-manufacturing zero defects production systems, providing internationally recognition and complementary industrial fields.

Partners have been invited into the consortium based on their expertise in the required areas and tasks have been allocated to make sure that the goals of the project will be realised and that the technologies will be taken up by major industrial players.

The MIDEMMA consortium encompasses a wide range of skills, experience, international recognition and commercial interest around micro manufacturing and processes performance monitoring, with the wish to have these intelligent, self-adaptable and autonomous micro-manufacturing lines able to detect and correct any kind of errors during the micro-manufacturing processes.

The industrial partners have been carefully selected according to key European sectors such Machine Tools (SARIX), Monitoring (Blum, Sensofar, IBS), Metrology (NPL) and Data Management (Tagueri). With relevant end user in the fields and sectors of micromanufactuing: Dental Implants and Prothesis (CREATECH-MEDICAL), Dental Orthodontic componentes with plastic injection replication (EURO-ORTODONCIA) and Optical components with high surface accuracy, (KALEIDO TECHNOLOGY).

Finally, the academic research institutes (University of Bremen and the University of Brunel) have long experience in the development of advanced micro-manufacturing processes with world class facilities and researchers.

The consortium has within its structure long-established partner links that have long track records of delivering highly innovative results. The project structure has been organised to take into account the complementarity of the partners experience and skills:

  • To ensure that project outcomes are directly exploitable in an industrial context, the industrial partners have specified and agreed distinct demonstrators, which reflect MIDEMMAS’s approach to introduce micromanufacturing processes and production systems with minimized errors and defects.

  • Through the range of expertise from intelligent systems, advanced process control, simulation and innovative process knowledge and process modules, the partners complement each other to accomplish the MIDEMMA paradigm.