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Project description

The main goal of the MIDEMMA project is to give a global solution for the 'zero defect' approach in micromanufacturing. The working methodology has been based on the development of extensive process monitoring devices and techniques for the generation of a data rich environment. Thanks to this data generation, adaptive process control methodologies and smart decision making tools have been developed and applied in order to avoid defect generation during micro-manufacturing processes. The obtained results have been evaluated by their application to 10 different test-cases from the industrial end-users within the consortium.

Below, some posters showing the main project results, related to the industrial end-users can be found. They can be downloaded in A0 form by clicking them. Besides, a presentation showing the main results from the project can be downloaded here. Also, a folder containing videos and presentations for the main project outcomes can be visited here.


The workflow of the project MIDEMMA follows the scheme shown in the next figure with five workpackages related to Research and Development, the sixth involved in Demonstration activities, seventh in Dissemination and Exploitation and the last one, the eighth, working in Project Management.

The technical developments are divided into 4 working packages:

WP1: Workpiece characterization and manipulation

WP2: Online process monitoring

WP3: Adaptive process control

WP4: Smart decision tools